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Emergency Message
Cold Weather Alert
09.22.2021 16:10
09.22.2021 16:13
A Cold Weather Alert has been issued from 16:10 on 09.22.2021 through 16:13 on 09.22.2021 Per M-13, members are expected to perform the following: TRANSMISSION/GEN DISPATCHERS review plans to determine if any maintenance/testing, scheduled/being performed, on any monitoring, control, transmission/generating equipment can be deferred/canceled. GEN DISPATCHERS: -Review & update unit parameters in Markets Gateway (MG) through the Cold Weather Alert period paying particular attention to accurate Start-up & Notification, Min/Max Run Time, Eco Min/Max and Emergency Min/Max. -Submit alternate fuel capability & resource limitations via MG. -Review fuel supply/delivery schedules for greater than normal operation of units. -Provide PJM with estimate of time needed to return any unit on a Planned Outage. This 'Early Return Time' should be updated in eDART & will not affect the Planned Outage est. end date. -Dual fuel units, confirm equipment is functional & amount of alternate fuel available. -Update PLS schedule parameters as indicated in Manual 11 Section 2.3.4. test posting Additional Comments: test
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